They Who Are Not Seen (PG13 – Horror)


Director: Billy Christian
Starring: Estelle Linden, Sophia Latjuba
Country: Indonesia
Duration: 95 mins
Language: Indonesian

Since childhood, Saras always had a sixth sense for ghosts. Despite Saras being possessed twice over the years, her mother Lydia refuses to accept her daughter’s ability, putting a strain on their relationship. When the spirit of a bully victim begins haunting Saras, she needs her mother’s help and only forgiveness can unite them.

Special presentation with closing film:

Director: Mai Nakanishi
Producer: Junsang Lee
Starring: Jeongbi Lee, Hee-jin Jeone, Do Eun Kim
Country: South Korea, Japan
Duration: 13 mins
Language: Korean

College student Sujin is hired on short notice by a single mother to be a babysitter for four-year-old Hana. It was supposed to be a simple babysitting job but as soon as they are alone, Sujin realises that there’s something very wrong with little Hana.

Date Showtimes
28 October